Mortgages so flexible and convenient, they are designed with your individual financial needs in mind.

While some lenders try to make their standard mortgages fit everybody, Commonwealth takes a different approach. We constantly monitor housing markets, economic indicators, interest rate trends, consumer demographics and industry regulations, then we design a whole range of innovative mortgages—so there’s at least one that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly!

In addition, Commonwealth mortgages come with several other important extras.

They’re acknowledged to be more flexible, so you can change payment frequency, increase payments or make lump-sum payments more easily. *
Most feature a 90-day rate guarantee, so if rates drop after you apply, you get the Commonwealth rate in effect 7 days before closing. *
Most also come with Commonwealth’s Free Home Owner’s Advantage Program.*
All Commonwealth mortgages offer extremely competitive rates.*
Here’s the complete list of our user-friendly mortgages:

2, 3, 5. 7 10, 15,18 and 25 year closed mortgages
The security of locking in an attractive rate.

Auto 6/12 Plus
Keep your options open for the first 6 or 12 months.

Loan Closer
Get cash back for legal fees—or for spending money at renewal time.

Access Mortgage
A solution for people who are self-employed or have credit problems.