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Commonwealth Financial’s Group Critical Illness Insurance supplements the coverage available to you through your group health, life and disability plans by providing covered individuals with access to premier health information services and a lump-sum benefit should you become critically ill. You can use the benefit for anything you wish, such as:

  • Financial needs –

     income replacement, paying down debts or to help preserve personal savings, retirement funds or other investments

  • Health care costs –

     alternative treatment options, medical equipment or expenses not covered under provincial or group benefits plans

  • Lifestyle choices –

     home repairs or renovations, vehicle upgrades, personal or family pursuits


As a Commonwealth Financial group insurance benefit member, you may be eligible to convert your group life insurance to an individual policy without having to provide evidence of good health or undergo a medical exam, provided you do so within 31 days of the date your group life insurance terminates or reduces. You can convert your Basic Life Insurance amount and Optional Life Insurance amount (if applicable) up to a combined maximum of $200,000 ($400,000 for residents of Quebec) – or as indicated in your group contract. Depending on your plan specifications, you may also be able to convert your spouse’s coverage to an individual policy. When your group life insurance benefits cease or reduce you may have the following options:

  • Convert your (and/or your spouse’s) group life insurance to individual insurance. Residents of Quebec may convert Dependent life coverage. You must apply within 31 days of termination or reduction of Group Life Insurance coverage.
  • Replace your (and/or your spouse’s and/or your dependant’s) group life coverage with an individual plan purchased through your financial advisor or a Commonwealth Financial agent
  • Get a new Group Life policy at your next place of employment



– This is a Permanent Life policy with the insurance becoming payable at the death of the insured. Your premiums are guaranteed not to increase, we guarantee administration charges won’t change and we offer an investment account that guarantees you a minimum interest rate for the life of the policy


– This policy provides temporary life insurance from the date of issue, until the insured reaches age 65. It cannot be converted to another form of insurance, and will terminate when the insured reaches age 65 or at death, whichever is earlier. This policy does not participate in dividends.


– This policy provides temporary life insurance from the date of issue for one year only. This policy does not participate in dividends. It can be exchanged at any time during the one-year period without medical evidence, but only to a Permanent Life policy or Term Life to Age 65 as outlined above. The premium of the new policy will be calculated at the attained age of the insured at the time of the exchange of policy.

For more information about applying for conversion of your group life coverage to an individual policy, contact your employer’s plan administrator or Commonwealth Financial



Need individual healthcare coverage? 
When leaving a group plan, whether through retirement, job loss or career change, it’s wise to consider purchasing your own healthcare insurance for supplemental coverage. FollowMeTM can help fill the gaps left by provincial health insurance plan changes and loss of a group plan.

Qualifying for coverage is easy:
FollowMeTM can ensure that you and your family can maintain many of the benefits you enjoyed under your group plan. As long as you apply within 60 days of the termination of your group health and dental benefits, your acceptance is guaranteed* without submitting a medical questionnaire or undergoing a medical exam. Applications that are submitted after the 60-day period will require full medical underwriting.

* (guaranteed acceptance dependent upon receipt of the first premium payment)

group insurance benefits coverageChoose the plan that’s right for you:
FollowMeTM offers four different plans with varying levels of coverage and benefits:

  • Basic
  • Enhanced
  • Enhanced Plus
  • Premiere

See the Plan Comparison Chart for benefit details.

Remember to apply within 60 days of the loss of your group insurance benefit for guaranteed acceptance.



When travelling across Canada or to another country, plan members could face an unexpected medical emergency. Emergency travel assistance is designed to make business or pleasure travel worry-free!

An out-of-Canada medical emergency includes an accidental injury or an illness that was not previously diagnosed or treated in Canada. But, treatment required for a medical condition that was previously diagnosed in Canada is excluded. On the other hand, coverage may be available for an unforeseen complication requiring immediate medical attention arising from an existing, pre-diagnosed condition that was completely stable at the time of departure from Canada.

Additionally, some plans offer a special health advice assistance service to plan members and their dependents, accessible right from the plan members’ homes. Please check your benefits booklet for complete details


For plan members with emergency travel assistance, before leaving home, remember to record all important personal information.


travel and group insurance benefits

If an emergency should occur while travelling outside of your province of residence, please contact Mondial Assistance (Commonwealth Financial’s emergency services provider) immediately or as soon as possible at one of the following numbers:

  • In Canada and the United States: 1-800-265-9977
  • Fax: 1-800-446-7684
  • Toll Free from Mexico:
    # 00-1-800-514-3702
    * Note: In Mexico, the prefix numbers (ie. the two zeros) are regionally determined. Example, in some regions the pre-fix requirement may only be one zero. Members are asked to confirm upon arrival to their destination.
  • Toll Free from Dominican Republic:
    # 1-888-751-4403
  • Toll Free from other countries that participate in the Universal International Toll Free (UITF): Dialing Prefix + 800-9221-9221
    * Note: the UITF number is an 11 digit number with the middle set comprised of 4 digits. This contact number has been validated by the provider.
    * Note: the country code refers to the country FROM which the member is calling and not the country to which they are calling. Members are asked to confirm upon arrival to their destination.


Here is a list of countries that participate in UITF.
Note that prior to dialing the UITF number, you must dial the following applicable prefixes. Note that these prefixes are subject to change.

group insurance benefits






What is WellConnected®?

WellConnected® is Commonwealth Financial’s suite of disability and absence management products and services, that is provided to you by your employer sponsored Group Benefits plan.

When it comes to disability and absence management, our focus is on promoting health – physical, social and emotional well-being that we believe helps to generate energy for every-day life and assist you with a successful return to work.

When you become disabled because of an illness or injury, and you need to overcome the medical impairments that may prevent you from productive work and an enjoyable lifestyle – our products, services and network of experts – are there to assist you every step of the way.

At Commonwealth Financial, we understand that when disability strikes, it can be a time of great stress and the unknown for you, your family and your employer. That’s why WellConnected® helps to provide the financial protection, tools and support that allow you to focus on getting healthy so you can recover and get back to a normal routine as soon as possible.

As you read on, you will find useful information about our products and services that will help you to better understand what is available to you through your employer sponsored benefits*.

* Please refer to your benefits booklet for specific details related to your plan

Did you know?

  • That the average work days lost in a year per employee due to illness or disability is 8 days 1
  • that at any time, 1 in 20 employees can experience some form of depression 2
  • lost productivity due to mental health issues costs the Canadian economy more than $14 billion per year 2

1 Statistics Canada CANSIM table 2006
2 The Canadian Mental Health Association

What does WellConnected® include ?

WellConnected® is a suite of absence and disability management products and services offered by Commonwealth Financial under your employer sponsored Group Insurance Benefit plan, and may include the following:

Short Term Disability

Short term disability provides income replacement when you, as an employee, become ill or injured and are not capable of performing the essential duties of your own occupation. Meanwhile, benefit payments, offered through your employer sponsored plan, are made to you based on Manulife’s evidence-based adjudication. In addition, for complex claim situations, we also provide support to manage the duration of your absence and promote a safe and timely return to work.

Long Term Disability

Long term disability provides income replacement when you, as an employee, become ill or injured and are not capable of performing the essential duties of your own occupation for an extended period of time. Benefit payments and eligibility, provided through your employer sponsored plan, are determined through Manulife’s evidence-based adjudication. In addition, For complex claim situations, we also provide support to manage the duration of your absence and in turn promote a safe and timely return to work. Rehabilitation is another important tool that is used to support you during the return to work process.

For more information about short or long term disability programs offered by your employer, please refer to your benefits booklet, speak to your employer or plan administrator or call the Commonwealth Financial Group Insurance Benefit Customer Service Centre.


One company. One network of absence-to-disability management expertise.