EstatePlus Program

EstatePlus Overview

For many of us, planning for retirement also means thinking about the legacy we leave behind – GIF Select EstatePlus can help protect your financial legacy.

By combining the long–term growth potential of investment funds and the protection benefits of a GIF Select segregated fund contract, EstatePlus helps investors establish and protect a financial legacy that can benefit family and loved ones.

Features and benefits of EstatePlus:

100% Death Benefit Guarantee

With EstatePlus, you receive a 100% Death Benefit Guarantee. This means your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive 100% of your deposits to the EstatePlus Series – reduced proportionally for withdrawals – even if there are market downturns.


Death Benefit Guarantee resets provide the potential for you to grow the amount of the legacy you leave to beneficiaries. Resets work to capture market appreciation and help increase the payout to your family and loved ones. When the market value is higher than the previous guarantee, you can potentially see your Death Benefit Guarantee increase with the growth in the markets. Resets are automatic and occur every three years on the EstatePlus Anniversary Date, with a final reset on the annuitant’s 80th birthday.

Creditor protection

EstatePlus has the potential to protect your assets from creditors. This feature is ideal for professionals and small business owners looking to help protect their personal assets from professional liability.

Ability to bypass probate

In the event of death, the proceeds of your contract can privately1 pass directly to your designated beneficiaries, without the delay and expense of probate.

Fund selection

You have a broad choice of over 40 investment funds from many of Canada’s top fund managers.


You have the ability to move between funds and fund managers should your needs or preferences change2. And should you need to, you can also access your savings at any time.


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